Sliding Bearing, Encoder and Frame 1m
The encoder tracks the movement and speed of the carriage. It runs on the underside of the frame and fits to the carriage bracket as shown.

Sliding Bearing, Encoder and Frame 1m

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✔ Delivered within 3-5 working days.

Linear slide for marking products with inkjet printer such as Elfin 1S.

Less costly than a conveyor, allows transport of products to be marked by hand with variable speed.

Bench-top design, pre-drilled mounting holes for encoder and inkjet brackets.

Carriage is on sturdy V rail. Fixes with 6 x 6 mm screws, so you can make your own jig to support the product you handle, or simply sit it on the tray and slide it under the print head. 

A convenient option for a small space. 

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