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About Us

T-Mark is a division of Timbermark ID Systems, a long-standing inkjet supplier to the timber industry. Through this acticvity we are sole importers for some very interesting inkjet products, which we now offer to share with a wider market.

T-Mark’s purpose is to make these products available across other industries, through an e-commerce platform, and principally through dealers who have the skills to install the equipment after some product training.

This site may equally be of interest to Engineering departments who have the skills to self-install an inkjet. No specialist inkjet knowledge is required, and the current range scores well on user-friendliness and quick setup. Full documentaiton and how-to notes are provided. 

The first products on offer are from our partners in China.

Sojet Electronics (Xiamen) Co, Ltd. and 

Yeacode (Xiamen) Inkjet Inc.


Sojet printers use the the well proven HP technology, and have these advantages: 

  • Sharp print quality, reliable performance more max line efficiency. 
  • Easy to install, commission, maintain – no service hassles 
  • Sensible pricing for market appeal.  

Yeacode printers use sharp piezo heads, 32mm high, and have these advantages:

  • Sharp print quality, reliable print head performance.
  • Innovative bulk ink cartrige system gives reasonable running costs.
  • Intergrated UV LED control from printer user interface.


End Users:

You can use the checkout feature to configure your equipment requirement, and share it with others for approval or information. Saved baskets can be ordered via the site for self-installation, and we provide notes on how to set it up from our resources page.

  • The self-help guides show step-by-step installation instructions.  
  • Alternatively, you can request a quote from one of the site’s authorised dealers, or ask us to find an installer for you 


 T-Mark is an e-commerce site, holding landed, duty-paid stock of all the main references. Why would you want to get involved? 

  •  Exceptional sales success – in the Timbermark business we are experiencing 25%+ year-on-year growth for the Sojet product range. You too can build your business with access to these products and this pricing.  
  • Quality product – we have 5 years’ experience with this product range and have experienced few if any defects. We offer a 12 month warranty where any faulty component or module is replaced free of charge, for whatever reason, without quibble, automatically using the returns feature on the web site. For out of warranty replacements, we treat you fairly. The spares are charged at the same price as the main equipment, and are available to order online like the rest of the equipment.  
  • Qualified sales leads and ready-to-go orders – end users can buy equipment on the site and order installation if required. For this they are encouraged to pick a dealer from our registered list. If the end user asks for our recommendation we will usually choose the dealer which is closest to the customer.  
  • Convenient ordering quantities - you can order just what you need for an installation, or order for stock. Contact us for higher discounts on stock purchases.
  • Exceptional value – with a complete inkjet system starting at only £1200 end user price, the customers can achieve a complete installation for less than the cost of repairing an existing cij, large character or Trident system. 
  • Recurring ink revenue – Sojet’s ink system is chip-protected, so that only ink cartridges with the right client code will function in the machine. This protects your ink revenue, and where there are conflicts between our dealers we will mediate fairly to ensure the right outcome for all concerned.  
  • You aren’t alone! We provide in-person training as part of the dealer qualification, and on the site provide simple self-help installation and troubleshooting guides, complete with manuals, software and MSDS sheets. 
  • It’s simple! No corporate stuff, no frills, just excellent products at really competitive prices.  

 To rephrase the earlier question, why would you NOT want to get involved?  

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