Black chip vs Blue chip ink – do you know the difference?

At the end of 2023, Sojet introduced a new brand of thermal inkjet printers, the Moli range.

Moli printers use a different cartridge chip type to Sojet’s earlier Elfin range. They are not interchangeable.

Please ensure you know which printer you are using before making your purchase.

If you are unsure, please switch your printer off and on again. The Moli printer will power up with Moli appearing on the touch screen controller. Moli printers take the new, black chip ink cartridges. The Elfin printer will power up with Sojet New 3.0 on the touch screen. Elfin printers take the blue chip cartridges.

You can also check the ink cartridges you are already using. The Moli cartridges have a green and orange β€˜Lit’ sticker, whereas the Elfin cartridges have a blue β€˜3.0’ sticker.

Use with Moli Printers Only
Use with Elfin Printers Only

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